Tuesday, June 3, 2008


A selection of photos and other information on the former
Aberdare Junction to Stanform Merthyr line.

Historical marker next to Maitland - Cessnock Road at Heddon Greta.
In the photo below, taken behind the sign, the track can be made out to the left (see arrow).
28th May 2008 - Photo: Brad Peadon

Looking towards Stanford Merthyr from the Maitland - Cessnock Road!
28th May 2008 - Photo: Brad Peadon
* Arrow added to photo to show former railway formation. Site Owner.

Looking towards Aberdare Junction from the same road.
28th May 2008 - Photo: Brad Peadon

Photos/Information/Diagrams, both historical and current day, are always needed for the website.
Please help us!

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