Monday, June 2, 2008


Steam era shots of East Greta Junction.


A selection of photos, diagrams and information about East Great Junction (South Maitland Railway).

Track diagram inside signalbox on May 29th 2008 - Photo: Brad Peadon

Lets go look for the treasure. 29-5-2008 - Photo: Brad Peadon

Crossing at East Greta Junction PL5 48143 48129 PL3 waitthe arrival of a loaded coal train from Austar with PL2 48134 48137 up front, before taking their rake of empties down to the pit.
29-5-2008 - Photo : Brad Peadon

Same train as above in a scene that has become very rare on Australian railways. A signalperson handing over the staff for the section ahead, the manned signalbox behind him ad the semephore signal beyond that. Even ALCo locomotives in coal traffic is becoming a rare event on a worldwide scale.
29-5-2008 - Photo: Brad Peadon

More photos/diagrams and information on the South Maitland Railway, past and present, is always required. Please help!

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