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June 2012
Recieved following message via our Facebook group.
  • hi ...Giles Tester from Northnet Cessnock 49906366
    I need to contact people with an interest in local rail history.
    I have a plan to construct a hoarding on Abermain platform and paint a representaion of the old station ...full a mural...but not a mural as its free standing.
    If anyones interested please ring me at Northnet or email me at

October 2011

New bridge over the future Hunter Expressway sees first use by SMR trains as the line is slewed to cross it.


SMR10 celebrates its 100th birthday in style, hauling a passenger train to Neath and back with SMR18. Check out the photos.

12 January 2010

New highway construction is again a concern with a belief that the interchange at Heddon Greta may see the former remains of the Kurri Road platform destroyed. This has to be confirmed.

December 2010

There has been much concern about the new Hunterlink Expressway and its impact on the right of way of both the South Maitland and Richmond Vale Railways. Thanks to Denis Elwood and Graham Smith we can report that the new road will actually pass over the #1 tunnel and will not affect the actual line in any way.

It will pass under the SMR in the vicinity of Bee Siding and cause around 1 kilometre of rebuilding.

April 2010

After a bit of a break, rail operations of Pacific National resumed on the line. Those of Cootes appear to be infrequent.

April 11th 2008

Trackwork at Neath!
This website is based mostly on the contributions of others, especially those who regularly spend time around the 'South Maitland Railway' and the many related preservation projects and closed lines of this and the Richmond Vale.
I have been happy with the response so far and would invite some of the many other people interested in these railway lines to contribute photos, stories, news and other items that may be of interest.
Contributions can be sent to : stockrington @ yahoo. com. au (remove spaces).

April 11th saw quite a bit of track work around Neath station and to the immediate south. Part of this saw the removal of all final traces of the short lived crossover to the Abermain line.
We thank Brad Peadon for contributing the following shots of the work taking place.
Brad's WEBSITE also carries significant SMR content.


* Recent trackwork noted in the vicinity of Bee Siding.

* It has been reported through a site contributer that surveyors have spent time in the Neath area of late. It is believed that there is interest in reinstating crossing facilities in this location.
If proceeded with, the loop is expected to be located behind the hotel at Neath and be crew worked, as opposed to being done from the former signalbox.
A visit by Brad Peadon on May 29th revealed numerous marks made on the ground, one a arrow possibly indicating where the new loop will start. There was also a significant amount of clearing and leveling of the section in question.
Brad has promised photos taken on the day which will appear in the 'Neath' section shortly.

* A number of trains have been noted in recent times with just three 48 or PL class up front and with a slightly shortened consist. The reasoning, according to the 'Semi-Retired Foamer' website is a shortage of locomotives being suffered by Pacific National.

* No further word on the rumour of X class on the SMR. Perhaps this has been sent to the already overfull waste basket.


Sleeper replacement taking place from Neath station south to opposite the Neath Hotel. Only random sleepers replaced.

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