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T387 T385 Climb Neath Bank - Nathan Chapple
EL55 52 64 62 Climb Neath Bank - Nathan Chapple

A selection of photos and other information on Neath (South Maitland Railway)

Approaching Neath station from Pelton end. May 29th 2008 - Photo: Brad Peadon

This new marking on the south side of the Kearsley Road crossing at Neath is believed to be the planned location of a new crossing loop at Neath. To be crew worked from ground frames, it would greatly help relieve the
bottleneck existing on the line at the moment.

It is believed no firm decision has yet been made by the company. While work had still not begun at the end of 2010;
28th May 2008 - Photo: Brad Peadon

4707 4811 4836 pass through Neath with a loaded coalie from Pelton
on June 19th 1988.

Photo: Brad Coulter

Same location but in the other direction and many years later. PL5 48143 48129 PL3 with empties headed through Neath. May 29th 2008. Photo: Brad Peadon

Two shots above show the creek crossing just south of Neath station. There was three individual bridges here. The current one in use, which was the former up line, the former down line which retains everything except the rails and,
just out of view, the former goods siding one.

The abutments of the goods siding bridge are still there but the rest is long gone.
A building of the new crossing loop will likely see the old
down bridge carry trains again.

29th May 2008 - Photo: Brad Peadon

Trackwork at Neath!

April 11th 2008 saw quite a bit of track work around Neath station and to the immediate south. Part of this saw the removal of all final traces of the short lived crossover to the Abermain line.
We thank Brad Peadon for contributing the following shots of the work taking place.
Brad's WEBSITE also carries significant SMR content.

Photos/Information/Diagrams, both historical and current day, are always needed for the website.
Please help us!

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