Monday, January 3, 2011

Whats New?

19-6-2013 : Photos added to Hexham Exchange sidings and Richmond Vale Railway Museum page updated. Various other improvements to pages made.

17-6-2013 : Modelling section overhauled and expanded.

13-6-2013 : New photos added to website and work started on the Richmond Vale Railway sections. Work to be ongoing over the next two weeks in a drive to get further ahead.

2-11-2011 : Stockrington open, news report. Thanks to Tony Meredith and Brad Curran.

27-9-2011 : Photos of 1971 tour to Cessnock added.

27-8-2011 : John Shield contributes four photos of Kalingo Junction and P127 on the branch in 1967.

17-8-2011 : SMR10's Special birthday celebrations.

10-8-2011 : New 'East Greta Junction (Steam Era)' page.

17-1-2011 : New RVR rollingstock section commenced. Numerous photographs from Chris Nelson added to the site.

11-1-2011 : Kalingo Junction and Kurri Road sections opened and recent photographs added. Upgrade continued and news section added to.

5-1-2011 : Upgrades continue, one photo and numerous historical links added. Mount Dee section opened. Historic Maitland Main photo added.

4-1-2011 : Minmi Junction and Back Creek Junction opened.

3-1-2011 : Orangegrove section opened.

27-12-2010 : Trial of new look to the website started on Neath page.

15-12-2010 : New layout for SMR sections. Locations rather than stations.

12-12-2010 : Caledonia page opened.

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