Wednesday, August 1, 2012

  With so much of the former coal lines now little more than some relics and great memories, many fans have turned to modelling the South Maitland and Richmond Vale Railways. 
  One of the more common subjects for modelling over the years has been the yard at Weston. One layout featuring this location was a regular at Australian model railway exhibitions over the years, while two other groups both recently unveiled their versions of the same location to the world, one of these being the Maitland Box group.
  Photos of both these layouts have appeared in AMRM, while shots of the Maitland based one have appeared on our Facebook site.

  If your interested in modelling the SMR or RVR, come join like minded people in our SIG forums.

  If your related modelling project appears on the internet, please let us know so we can provide a link.
  If you know of a new modelling item that may be of interest, also let us know and again we can provide a link.

Modelling Projects:
                               The Neath Station Project - Brad Peadon

                 MrX's 5inch SMR Adventure - David Xuereb (Coming Soon)
                             Weston - Coalfields Model Railway Club

Modelling Items:

                           What is available to run on your layout?

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