Wednesday, June 26, 2013


  On December 8th, 1988 the first  Quad Trial of four Branch Line Locomotives and 38 NHTF Coal Hoppers on the Pelton line took place on Thursday 8th December 1988, with 4706+4702+4893+4815 with Dynometer Car seen here on Down P469 Empty Coal to Pelton seen passing Neath at 8-16am.

  •   The above photo shows the return of the Down 1st trial shown at the top,  problems were experienced with the triangle at Pelton so  4702 and 4706 were uncoupled and the 48 class reversed the train to the loader.
     The 47s then ran back and reattached to the 48 class, thus giving the sight of a different 47 in the lead on return.

    Photos and text thanks to Bob Bell.

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