Monday, June 17, 2013

Neath - South Minmi Railway

  No, I didn't make a spelling error. It is my way of covering myself from rivit counters complaining that I must to do things 100% 'South Maitland Railway' wise.
  It has been an idea for well over ten years, a semi started project for probably two, the building of Neath as a layout has indeed consumed a lot of my daydreaming time.
  First discovered the joys of Neath in the very late 80s, far to late to have been witness to steam (I did catch it on the Richmond Vale), but not to late to develop a deep interest in its operations past and present.
  Spent a good amount of time at the Neath signalbox, the friendly workers making finding trains a lot easier than is the case today.
  They were fun times, the kind you wish to remember always, and so the idea of Neath come forth.
  Admittedly  it does not have the wonderful busy shunting prospects of other areas along the South Maitland, Weston having been done a few times and others like Abermain, Caledonia and even Bellbird Junction probably having more operational possibility.
  However it is my memory and one I hope to retain long after the local vermin have destroyed whats left.
  What will it ultimately be?
  That's anybodies guess at the moment. Originally intended as a home layout, then a possible exhibition one if it ever met the standard, now it is likely to be much changed from the original plan to become a smaller home layout.
  For now I just potter on collecting rollingstock relevant to the project.

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